As a voice teacher, I always strive to help my students create a healthy, vibrant sound- but my mission goes far beyond that. In terms of literature, my students will learn to use their unique voices, singing music that they actually enjoy.  My students not only learn proper and powerful technique, but they also learn the importance of musicianship, hard work, and the value of developing yourself as a performer in all possible areas. My goal is to instill confidence, independence, and pride in the singers I am fortunate enough to teach. No matter their experience or skill level, each and every singer I instruct deserves thorough and holistic vocal guidance.


30 Minutes


A good option for the beginning singer wanting to try out their first lesson- keep in mind this is a VERY short lesson!

45 Minutes


This duration is recommended for both beginning and more experienced students. This duration allows more time to work on musical material of the student's choice. 

60 Minutes


This option is the most recommended, as it leaves room to both set long-term and lesson-specific goals with time to accomplish them. This is the most popular duration. 

Lexi holds a membership with the National Association of Teachers of Singing. www.nats.org